People behind the box

Our team at inthebox follows the ‘Sushirts’ theory. We combine the expertise of suits adorned servicing people and shirts wearing creative people. The ‘suits’ simplify the technical business problems and the creatives based on the simplified terminologies explore their artistic tendencies. The web coders work hand in hand with business mentors
to understand the terminology so that the SEO results are achieved right away. Social media experts work with account executives to discuss how to go viral, always keeping the mindset of the target audience.
Our investors often visit our office and get involved in a project where they can share their expertise rather than just hard cash! When the team get together we all want to be a part of every business at all times.Everyone is passionate about being involved and the business results have been phenomenal.
The founder of Inthebox, Nishant, has worked with these big brands: Ogilvy, Vodafone, Unilever, T-Mobile, KXIPunjab, DLF IPL, Onida, McCann Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi... Big names! Nishant also studied at Kingston University, University of the Arts - London, L.S.R. School of Art.

Our team has gained experience from working with elite organisations. Including a McDonalds campaign at Leo Burnett, jingles writer for ICC Cricket world cup 2011, Study Ireland, HSBC - NY, Emirates, Kingston College, Connect London, Ernst & Young, L'Oreal... Inthebox is a collaboration of exceptional skill, talent, and passion stemming from diverse backgrounds.